What if I told you there was a secret to creating  a peaceful relationship with your daughter?

 No more walking on eggshells, sassy responses, emotional backlash, eye rolling...

The secret is within you... 

Wouldn't you love to create ongoing mutual respect with your daughter?

And, looking forward to when she is an adult, wouldn't you be ecstatic to experience a relationship of joy, laughs, and  deep connection?

It's all possible.

It starts now. Today. By stepping up and asking for guidance. By putting your whole self into improving this most precious relationship.

I am honored to work with you.


Lisa is an Inspirational Speaker, Transformational Coach, & Mom~Daughter Relationship Expert


  • "She helped me to salvage my relationships, and offered a safe place where I could be open and honest in a safe environment."
  • "Lisa's honest heart is always apparent, she truly wants to help others and find real systematic solutions best for the individual."