“Within minutes of meeting Lisa I sensed that this was a special person. She is probably the warmest, most open-hearted person I know. Lisa radiates with love and I felt right away as if this were someone I could trust. It was as if my inner child were an open book and she was embracing it wholeheartedly but also with a wonderful sense of humor and positivity. I felt connected to her immediately, and the evidence was plain to see to everyone at the table, because within five minutes I had poured my heart out to her as if she were an old friend and found myself in tears. Her empathy and intuition are truly incredible. I believe anyone would be lucky to work with such a loving and gifted person.”

~Kat Y (New York City, New York)

“Lisa has a natural gift for seeing the best in relationships and helping others to do the same.  I’ve known her for more than two decades. In that time, I’ve watched her raise three beautiful, talented, and successful daughters all under the guise of discipline, friendship, and love. She’s the kind of mother who knows how to balance holding her girls accountable and ensuring they feel loved unconditionally and I have seen her coach many others to do the same. I’ve been to her many times over for advice on building a stronger relationship with my own mom.”

~Amber H (Alpine, Utah)

“Lisa is a beautiful, intuitive, inspired, hardworking, honest, authentic woman and mother. I have known Lisa for about 15 years and have appreciated and loved watching her raise her 3 amazing daughters. Her relationship with them is inspiring. They have conquered hard things together with grace and strength. She has taught them courage under fire and grace through love.  There is so much for us to learn from and through her.”

~Tambi M (Franklin, Tennessee)

"Lisa made me feel extremely welcome from the first time we met. She has guided me a lot when it came to school involvement and with any personal problem I had. Since I live so far away from home, things that I would normally go to my family about I felt comfortable enough to go to Lisa with. It is extremely comforting to know I have someone down here who truly cares. “

-Jennifer B (Delanco, New Jersey)

“Lisa is one of those people who can make anyone feel accepted and comfortable. She truly invests in the people around her. She understands people and can feel emotion WITH them. She invested in my life.  Lisa always made a point to listen to me. She was always there to give me life advice or stories to help me see the bigger picture. She is definitely a solid “cool mom’, but the really cool thing is just how many people look to her for mom advice.”

~Maggie F (Nashville, Tennessee) 

“There is not a lot I can say about how much Lisa influenced my life in a few short words, as I would need chapters upon chapters. During my teenage years, Lisa was a healing oasis of relief from my very tumultuous home life. Lisa would listen and love unconditionally, and offer real unbiased advice–in fact, she was the person who first treated me like an adult. Lisa offered perspectives from her own difficult life experiences that helped me to cope with my life struggles. Her gifts for empathy and caring for others also shaped me to care for others. I was lucky to witness her acts of kindness and selflessness.

Lisa was also an example of intense courage and perseverance. I watched her as a single mom continue with her education and career, and stop at nothing to make a better life for herself and her children. Even through my own education, Lisa would send me encouraging messages along the way–even with the geographical distances, I always felt her love and support behind me.

Still to this day, (almost twelve years later) I think back to our conversations and relationship, and will always cherish those memories. All these years later, I still trust Lisa unconditionally. She was one of the women who helped shape me in those important adolescent years, and I will be forever grateful for her influence and guidance. She helped me to salvage my own relationships, and offered a safe place where I could be open and honest in a safe environment.

Most of all, Lisa’s honest heart is always apparent, she truly wants to help others and find real systematic solutions best for the individual. Her caring and support and unsurpassed, and I will always love and trust her as an individual, mother, friend, example, change-maker, and woman.”

~Reagan F (Salt Lake City, Utah)

“I don’t remember the first time I met Lisa, I just remember that suddenly this dynamic, strong, kind-hearted woman was my friend.  Having lived 5,000+ miles away from my family for 2 years already, I hadn’t realized how much I needed and missed those spontaneous heart-to-heart talks I used to have with my mom.  The peace & place of emotional rest in this kind of effortless connection was something I rediscovered in conversations with Lisa.   A few weeks before my college graduation, I wandered into Lisa’s office in a state of complete emotional breakdown.  I was almost finished with the biggest project of my life so far, but I just didn’t think I had what it took to complete it.  After she calmed me down, I’ll never forget what Lisa told me:  ‘Everything we do, we do it either out of love or out of fear.’  Diverse emotions exist, but each one is rooted in love or fear.  Whether we feel confident in the moment or not, our attitude of loving or fearfulness can make all the difference in the way we approach issues.  Lisa has inspired me to love intentionally throughout my day — people, projects, processes, challenges — not only because it is good and right to love, but also because to focus on loving is the best means of conquering the fears that hold us back.  I count Lisa as one of the women who’ve had an immeasurable impact on the course of my life.”

~Shirah F (Lausanne, Switzerland)

“You have left a everlasting impression on me for so many reasons. It is rare that I come across someone as genuine and caring as yourself. You connect with anyone you meet immediately. You never judge and you are so very kind hearted. I can honestly say that speaking to you I felt like I was the only person in the room being that you never failed to give me your undivided attention. Lisa you are a true gem and your loves shines brighter than the worlds most precious diamond.”

~Stephanie G (Brooklyn, New York)

“About my junior year of college, I had a lot of decisions to make. I was 14 hours away from my mom so that made conversations a little difficult to maintain. Lisa was so wonderful and kind when she would listen to me vent about co-workers, guys, classes, etc. She helped to keep my head on straight and clear the fog of entering “young adult”. Friends are great for advice, but Lisa is like the aunt that you can tell anything and she will know how to handle the situation!”

~Ann T (Houston, Texas)